FLASH Memory In System Programmer for Infineon C509 MCU's

A product developed by Felix Daners Engineering
Felix Daners Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.3.1 and higher

Why is the license management dialog displayed when I start the application?

The dialog pops up when the software is still in evaluation mode or when "Scroll Lock" is enabled. For further information you may read the chapter License Management.

Revision History

Revision 1.4

Revision 1.3 and 1.3.x

Known Bugs

Version 1.5 inclusive all versions prior to 1.5

Flash509win is reported to crash on hyperthreading activated machines

While programming is in progress, Flash509win crashes on hyperthreading activated machines. This issue is resolved in Version V1.5PL1.

Flash509win 1.5 users may download and install the patch Flash509win-1-5P1.zip. You may not use this patch with other versions or any of the the Evaluation versions of Flash509win. To intstall the patch, extract the executable patch installer program and run it.

All Versions prior to 1.5

Strange behaviour of the "Order Info..." Button in the About Dialog

When you press this button, Flash509 tries to load the page http://f.daners.swissworld.com in your Internet browser (explorer). If you do not have an active connection to the Internet, the page cannot be displayed.

If you have a dial up connection to the Internet, dial in and hit the button again. If you do not have a connection at all, check the contact section for more information.

Pressing the [Change...] - Button to select a HEX32 File has no effect

After starting Flash509win or loading a new configuration file with the [Load Config] - button, the file name displayed in the "Intel HEX32 Source File" group is incomplete. The last character in the string is a backslash. Pressing the [Change...] - button has no effect. For example, the file name would read like this:

C:\My Documents\Flash509win\

This behaviour is caused by a bug in the configuration file parser. It does not correctly parse C-Strings with one character between two escape sequences. If an "Intel HEX32 Source File" chosen is located in a directory with a name of just one character or with a file name of just one character, this comes to effect. Flash509win stores all strings in C-String format. The string:

"C:\\My Documents\\Flash509win\\hex_files\\a\\file_1.hex"

is erroneously read as

"C:\My Documents\Flash509win\hex_files\"

This is because the directory name "a" is located between the two escape sequences "\\". Flash509win passes the cropped file name to the "GetOpenFileName" Win32 API function. The function call fails with "FNERR_INVALIDFILENAME". The dialog is not shown.

To resolve this problem, press the [Reset Fields] - button or load another configuration file that does not contain a file name that matches the condition given above. Then quit the Flash509win and restart it.

Flash509win 1.4 users may download and install the patch Flash509win-1-4P1.zip. You may not use this patch with other versions or any of the the Evaluation versions of Flash509win. To intstall the patch, extract the executable patch installer program and run it.

Version 1.3 and 1.3.x and earlier

Verify sometimes reports fail on Windows 95/98/ME Platforms

On theses platforms, buffer-overrun errors have been observed while Flash509 is downloading the flash image from the target. All Flash509 versions use cyclic redundancy codes to check the integrity of received data. Versions 1.3.x and earlier versions do not check for character-buffer overrun and have no capability to request retransmission of data blocks when communication errors have occurred. Still, if verify succeeds, the programmed data equals the hex file content. If it fails, it can differ. The log file contains information about the differences between the flash image and the hex file. If no information about differences can be found, the error is caused by a communication error.

To solve this problem, please update to a 1.4.x version. These versions support error correction for the download process.

Bank Switching GUI has a bad Label "Bank Length"

The edit field right of the Label "Bank Length" takes the last address of the current bank, not the current bank size. The Label should read "Bank Last".

Report Bugs

Please Report Bugs! Felix Daners Engineering, f.daners@swissworld.com